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We offer a wide range of arboricultural services from planting to felling and everything in between. We also take care of any planning applications relating to TPO's (tree preservation orders) and Conservation Areas that might apply.

Tree Work


Our team call on years of experience to achieve the best results possible, and we work with you along the way. From dismantling, to planting, pollarding and reducing we take pride in making sure you can enjoy our work for years to come.



To ensure we achieve the best results as quickly and safely as possible to cause minimal disruption to you, we strive to use only the most up to date techniques and equipment. By doing this we save time and drive down the cost.



We are registered with the Environment Agency and hold a waste carriers licence, enabling us to remove all arisings from site and we have dedicated vehicles for arboricultural work. As fuel prices rise we are increasingly being asked to leave wood on site for log fires, and woodchip for garden paths and borders. 

Woodchip can often be delivered in bulk free of charge when we are working locally to you and is popular for a variety of applications from footpaths to borders or muddy horse fields. Please feel free to enquire.

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